Students leaving with their parents for summer vacation

A couple of days prior to the inauguration, Sri Maha Periyava’s paduka arrived at the padasala. Thanks to our trustee Shri.Ramadasar for sourcing it using his friends. The paduka continues to be in Nallur Raja Padasala and we consider this nothing other than a blessing from His Holiness Sri Maha Periyava to continue this noble effort. You can also see photo of our Managing trustee Shri.Ravishankar carrying the paduka on his head.

On the day of inauguration our Guru Sri Chandramouli Srowthigal arrived with adhyapakar and vidyarthis. Our padasala was formally inaugurated on 24-Mar-2021.

Akhanda Vishnu Sahasrasparayanam conducted by trustees the day after Gruhapravesam. This was to invoke Sriman Narayanan’s blessings for the success of this humble effort.

The Patasala gruhapravesam was conducted elaborately with veda gosham