About the padasala

Nallur Raja Padasala® started functioning on March 24th, 2021. It runs under the guidance of Shri.Chandramouli Srowthigal. The padasala currently hosts 5 students and an adhyapakar. This is a school that provides Vedic education at free of cost to students. Students are taught Sama Vedham in traditional Gurukula method. All the needs of the students including their stay, food and clothing is taken care of by the Nallur Raja Padasalai® Trustees and through crowdfunding.
Nallur Raja Padasala® Trust seeks donations from general public for the smooth functioning of the padasala. Well-wishers who want to donate for this pious cause can do so using the details given below.

Appeal for donations

  • Nallur Raja Padasala®
  • Indian Bank, Nungambakkam Branch
  • IFSC Code: IDIB000N033
  • A/C Number: 6756643868